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Afformic Auto Insurance Blog: auto insurance

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Determining who’s fault in an accident involving a business vehicle can be tricky. Most of the time, your commercial auto insurance or business insurance company can help defend against claims made against you. But, what if your employees use their own cars for business needs? READ MORE >>

Cars require upkeep. We often like to drive cars for as long as we can before we have to get a new car. Sometimes during the life of your vehicle, things will go wrong. Major systems in your car might break down from time to time. Sometimes you may have to have your car's major systems replaced entirely. READ MORE >>

When it comes to your children, one of the main concerns that parents have, is keeping their children safe when they are inside of a vehicle. You can never be too careful when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, and you can't always guarantee that someone else is not going to hit you. READ MORE >>

Your vehicle consists of multiple interrelated systems that keep it moving down the road. Your exhaust system removes gases your engine produces. Your brake system ensures you can stop safely. Your engine cooling system prevents your car from overheating. READ MORE >>

The ability to own a car seems to make life a little sweeter. You have the ability to travel where you want, and you can travel when you want to travel. Although many may complain about the occasional repair or the need for roadside assistance every now and then, all in all, owning a car makes life a bit easier. READ MORE >>

When it comes to keeping auto insurance affordable, it’s best to avoid accidents. To do that, you need to maintain the best level of attention on the road and on your vehicle. However, distraction is a big factor in why accidents happen. READ MORE >>

Drivers make mistakes. Perhaps you took your eyes off the road for a split second and were involved in an accident. Maybe you were going too fast while rushing home one day. When these types of incidents occur and you get a ticket for them, you are faced with a penalty from the citation. READ MORE >>

Many people are confused by the way the liability limits are listed on their policies. Sometimes the limits might be listed in this format, 10/20/30. Another popular method for displaying limits is BI 10/30 PD 20. The confusion related to formatting like this is understandable, and many people have questioned agents about these numbers. READ MORE >>

One of the best preventative measures on the road is simply reducing your daily risk exposure.  Keeping yourself, your family and your property safe will reduce your overall expenses—especially when you reduce your risks of a car accident. Simply by driving smart you can keep your family safe and save some money. READ MORE >>

If you’re in search of new car insurance, your first instinct may be to compare monthly costs in order to ensure you get the best price. Comparing rates alone, though, may not lead you to the most cost effective policy because the cheapest policy may not fit all of your insurance needs. READ MORE >>

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